Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More to worry about

This whole "hurry up and wait" routine is making me crazier with each passing minute. And when the minutes are filled with doctors explaining things, it makes the waiting even worse.

I went to followup with my very likable podiatrist this morning. The brief "nothing new" I was given over the phone was all well and good, but it was important to have the appointment so everything could be explained. It basically boils down to this: my foot is such a mess that almost nothing definitive can be seen. But where the doc remains unsure of things, I'm pretty concerned about two items on the MRI report.

The first: A fracture along the lateral aspect of the talus is seen. This is the bone directly attached to the bones of the leg. The only explanation for a fracture is simply that I have Chacort's foot. Bones break. The end.

Now for the other one, combining two sentences at different points of the same paragraph: There appears to be some bone destruction destruction involving the talus... and ...the possibility of osteomyelitis involving the distal portion of the talus cannot be completed excluded. Bone destruction...The last time I experienced anything like it, it was during my singular case of osteomyelitis. Is the bone so infected that it's been weakened, and that's when the break occurred? Or did the break occur first, allowing for a possible infection to get into the bone? There's no way to answer my questions, as the foot is "just a mess."

And at this point, there's only one way to find out if it's truly osteomyelitis. Someone would have togo into my foot and get a bone biopsy, as all other imaging tests would simply show that my foot's a mess, which is nothing new. So what's stopping this next potential test to make sure my foot is infection free? The fact that I'm seeing a "special specialist" next week. It's been a very long wait, and I'm praying there will be some definitive answers when I get there. Alas, my podiatrist wasn't very helpful on that front. He said that I could go to see a dozen doctors and come away with a dozen differing opinions. I'm reaching the point where I'd rather be on IV antibiotics just in case, rather than simply playing this waiting game.

There was one good thing that came out of this particular doctor visit, and it happened as Becky and I were walking out the door. There was a patient awaiting his turn with the doc, and he made a comment about the thrills of wearing a CAM walker. In the brief banter that followed, mention of my coming visit to the special specialist came up. This other patient had seen the very same doctor, and gave him what can only be called a rave review, putting my mind at ease to a degree.

And that's all I have at the moment. There's really nothing new to report, other than the fact that I have more reason to worry all over again. And while I'm sure at least one friend out there will be tempted to call, I suggest waiting. I'll likely be trying to get some rest, and there's nothing new to discuss. Next week, however, there might be.

So...Be well, and DFTBA!

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"Blue" said...

Hard as this is, at least you're getting closer to answers. That's the best part. Once you get there, it's no longer "what's wrong?" but "we can do X or Y to make it better".

I say, that's always good news, no matter how bad it may be.