Sunday, June 26, 2011

To the "Bad" clowns...

Okay, which two purported "humans" out there have taken it upon themselves to check "bad" after almost every post I've made recently? Was it really "bad" that I received a better diagnosis than what I'd thought? Was it "bad" that, after sharing a bit of humor with my father and realizing his true commentary, that I was going to stick with the more positive side? Was sharing my verbal routines during conversation really that "bad?"

The opinion boxes are for a reflection of how readers feel about the news I'm sharing, not a critique of my writing style. This is all first draft material, anyway, and will never be "as good as I could possibly get it." So if you're looking for Shakespeare, I'm sure your local library has plenty for your perusal. If "bad" is all you have to say after all my posts, stop reading.

And with that, I'm off to vent some steam by beating up Girl Scouts and kicking puppies.


Anonymous said...

You're kicking puppies??? So am I supposed to mark this one good or bad? I'm confused 8(

(I actually read everything through Google Reader, so I didn't even know good/bad/meh was available)

Rob Meadows said...

With the giant cast on the right foot, odds are good that the Girl Scouts could either beat me up or outrun me, and a kick to a puppy would throw me off balance and have me staring up at the sky with a concussion on the back of my head. So, no, I am NOT actually kicking puppies. =P