Thursday, July 28, 2011

After so many weeks of silence...

...Zeb exploded.

Really, you should look at his comments for my last post. There's Zeb all over my blog, and I don't have enough bleach to get all of the Zeb off of it. =P

There's a problem with my last post, in that I'm a part of the partial informed public. There seems to be a distinct left and right side of every political story, with too many people reporting on those sides, and so little being done to actually report THE NEWS! (Yeah, I'm going at the media again.) The idea behind news organizations is to deliver a non-biased report on the happenings of the world. Unfortunately, it now seems that all such organizations have a political agenda, and simply reporting one way AND the other is out of the question.

How much am I supposed to take seriously at this point? How can I possibly discern the truth from the opinion? The only thing I can take away from any news report is the root of the discussion, and everything else is washed away by cynicism.

This whole thing with the debt ceiling, for example. All I know for sure is that the country has a credit problem. Said problem will affect the way we run our government, which will in turn affect the people. That's where all of the information seems to stop, and the rest is filler made up of right and left wing opinion. I practically need a translator on hand to explain to me what on Earth has their panties in a bunch.

It doesn't help in any way whatsoever that I've learned how FOX News does its reporting. I've seen the evidence of their special editing process, making anyone with liberal or left wing thinking appear to be an idiot. For example, a couple of years ago, they took something Joe Biden said, "The economy is strong," and turned it into a, "Hah! Look at that moron" piece. What they failed to mention during that segment is that the quote was made during a campaign speech, and as a stand alone comment was completely out of context. Such practices make FOX look foolish and unreliable as a news source. If they would just stop such lunacy, maybe - just maybe - I'd be able to watch their side of the story without looking toward Heaven and hoping G-d strikes them all down.

I really shouldn't have delved into current events, as I'm not necessarily current with them. I know we're in trouble as a nation. I know we need to do something. I know we're like teenagers with a new credit card and no understanding of how credit actually works, so we use it to its spending limit. And I know that at some point, we're going to have to overhaul our nation's practices so we can clean up our act. We simply can't continue to keep spending money the way we are, as it's going to leave all of our future generations to clean up after us. Such rhetoric is only used during the tough times. Once we're past a crisis, the plight of future generations seems to fall by the wayside, and that's wrong in countless ways.

I'm going to keep looking for my electronic thumb and towel, just in case. Meanwhile, it's nice to know you're still reading, Zeb. =)

Be well, and DFTBA!


The Noewegian Stalker-Couple said...

It's always important to bring your towel everywhere!

(and yes, you won't get a more sensible comment. We are not american, therefore we can't say we have that much information about this crisis that might come. Other than what the media again tells us.)

Zeb The Troll said...

Rob, I didn't mean to imply that you're uninformed in any way. The blog post I was responding to is actually far more informed than most. Most of my response was simply intended to ease your concerns (which are valid, I'm just an optimist in re: the government). The rest of it was to either supply fuel to your rant because I agree or to give my unique perspective on a minor point.

Unfortunately, we're ALL part of the partially informed public and sometimes it's tough to seperate the kernel of truth from the chaff of rhetoric that nearly all the news organs supply. I certainly don't always get it right, but I typically enjoy the discussion and tend to get a bit loquacious when given the opportunity.

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit that my news is virtually single sourced. I listen to one of the DC talk radio stations (WTOP, because I've found it to be the most balanced news source I have access to, which is not to say it's perfectly balanced, but they seem to do a better job than most) whenever I'm in the car and that's virtually my only source of news outside of the occasional blurb on Morning Express on Headline News.

Also, I love your analogy to the kid with his first credit card and no concept that it's not just free money. It reminds me a bit of an old blonde joke that ends with the punchline "But I'm not out of money, I still have checks!"