Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Less doom and gloom...

...for a change. Y'see, today was the followup visit to the special specialist, and he liked what he saw. The two things that were most pleasing were the reduced swelling and reduced redness. These things indicate that my foot is, in fact, healing.

In the past, I've been told not to go looking up my illnesses online. The lack of filter on the information tends to lead one to see little more than the worst when it comes to such things. "Oh, this an result in an amputation? Well, I guess I should prepare myself for my foot to be removed." This doctor, however, suggested on my first visit that I look up Charcot arthropathy. Hence my linking it when I blogged about it two weeks ago.

Today, he asked if I'd looked it up, and I said that I had. I was then able to ask about the time frame pertaining to my casting. The online information says the period of casting is from three to nine months, with three months being the supposed bare minimum. Well, the specialist believes that my progress today indicates I may just beat the three month time frame. Even the new cast, which is blue instead of red this round, is significantly smaller. I take all of this as a good sign.

Which is, in case no one's noticed, a pleasant change. My birthday is rapidly approaching, and it's usually the time of year when I'm hit by one disaster or another. Look back over the last few years and you'll see my birthday surrounded by illness, excessive drama from my family, and surgery. While being trapped inside this cast isn't exactly the best news, the fact that I'm healing well is. It's almost as though I've left the real world and entered the Twilight Zone.

The worst of the news out of the doctor's office is my need to wear a brace on my right foot for the rest of my days. This will help to keep such flareups at a minimum. I'd been somewhat hopeful that the brace was merely part of the healing process. Instead, it'll be a perpetual need. Still, I'll take a brace over a prosthetic any day.

Then, for added amusement, I had a casting technician who was lots of fun. Becky and I were greatly entertained by someone who could banter as well as we could. Becky even asked if we could take the woman home to keep her. Mixed into the constant joking were things that I cannot repeat, as I continue to fight to keep this blog rated PG-13. Even as such things were said, Becky looked at me and said, "Oh, the things you can't blog about."

It almost makes being chronically ill enjoyable. And if I have to face such horrors regularly, I'll take laughing over crying each and every time.

And that's all I have at the moment. I think I'll take me and my smaller cast to bed to rest up a bit. Be well, and DFTBA!

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