Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On a side note...

As a result of this entire stupid adventure:

1: The Depression Thread has been moved, completely out of sight.
2: My post in the Goodbye Thread has been removed.
3: All posts following my goodbye in GT were also deleted, including that of Psycho Lass.

Really, this was spectacular work on her part. I made a few mistakes. She obliterated part of the Playground. I hope she's happy.


"Blue" said...

Oh yes. But see, it's toooootally you who's "ostratizing" and what was the word? Oh yeah, "harassing" and "bullying" this little monster.

Yeah, I posted in the GT too. And poof! My post is gone. A completely innocent post. But hey. I'll write it down here. Possibly paraphrased, my memory isn't the best thing ever.

"This makes me very sad. I have more opinions, but I won't share them here...

*sigh* I've always thought we need more people like Bor in the world and now there is one less here..."

'Skeppio' said...

This is just sad. Because of one problem, we're all being punished. I do hope the mods thought about people like me who had no part in this, and attend the Depression Thread because we need help, often help we can't get from those around us. The playground is the finest community I've ever been a part of, and those playgrounders who came to the Depression Thread to offer advice and sympathy are exemplars of the community.

Without that thread, I'm alone in the battlefield of depression. I desperately hope the people like me are being thought of in the midst of all this, because it certainly feels like the mods aren't thinking of us.

Zeb The Troll said...

To be quite frank, if your situation really is that bad, you need to seek a professional. As it stands, the only people qualified to help in that capacity in that thread are legally and ethically obligated NOT to. Just like a doctor or a lawyer would be putting their own reputations, and possibly livelihoods, at risk for doling out anonymous medical or legal advice, a therapist/councilor/psychiatrist/psychologist needs to see, talk, and evaluate in person.