Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The verdict is in...

(Note, another post will likely follow this dollop of fair judgment.)

Dear Bor the Barbarian Monk,

You have received an infraction at Giant in the Playground Forums.

Reason: Major - External Baggage
This is an infraction for violating this website's rules against bringing External Baggage into threads, specifically for bringing the nature of a private discussion into a public thread without the permission of the other participant.

At this time, the Rules of Posting do not include specific penalties for harassment/stalking, such as sending PMs to another poster after they have explicitly asked that one stop, or for so-called "cyberbullying," wherein a poster uses their community influence with others to attack, belittle, or otherwise ostracize a given user. If we did, you would be receiving a separate infraction for that as well. However, we will be instituting such a penalty in the near future, and you should consider this your Warning regarding that offense.

It is strongly suggested that you be more careful in the future when attempting to contact posters from this site through other means. Understand that no one is obligated to speak to you privately or accept your help under any circumstances. Also, the "rules" in the first post of a thread cannot supersede the forum rules, which indicate that anyone may post on any thread so long as they stay on the general topic. No one can "own" a thread nor proscribe how it is to be used except for the moderation staff.

On a more candid note, I would point out that more than one of my moderators suggested your immediate banning, on the grounds that harassment is a criminal offense in most jurisdictions. If you have any interest in continuing to participate in this website, I'd consider it in your best interest to avoid threads on topics like psychology in the future. As it stands, we are likely going to change the rules to disallow projects like the Depression Thread in the future as a result of these events.

This infraction is worth 100 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

All the best,
Giant in the Playground Forums


"Blue" said...

... what...

.... Excuse me... I am in shock. I can't quite...

... harassment? cyberbullying? REALLY?

'Skeppio' said...

WHAT? This is far too much punishment for all of this. The Depression Thread going away, one of our finest leaving, and hurt feelings and sore attitudes all around. And for what? One stupid bloody conflict. Not only are they punishing you for trying to help (as over-eager as you may have been), they're punishing a whole bunch of us who need that thread to lay out our troubles and get help from the kind people who maintain it, like yourself.

This is going too far. I've had my little problems with the mods at times, but this is insanity. If it weren't the only place I had such good friends, I'd be gone in an instant. *hugs everyone*