Sunday, September 25, 2011

A forgivable forgetting

Whoops! Despite my best intentions of making a happy post of some kind yesterday, I forgot something rather important. Yesterday marked the first year anniversary of Becky and I becoming engaged.

So it was that last night's cuddle session was filled with the happy memory of me setting her up for the big surprise. It's still amazing to us that so many people knew of what I was planning, yet no one slipped up and told her about it. Even the bride and groom, whose wedding I would be asking at, managed rather well just mere days before.

I remember sitting at the kitchen table, talking about the toast I was supposedly going to make. It seemed like the more outrageous the idea, the more the bride and groom-to-be liked it. The most frightening aspect was that I was so uncomfortable about lying to Becky like that, even if it was for the best of purposes, and yet so very good at it. The same applies to Kat and Mike. Supposedly, they weren't thrilled at the concept of lying, but we all knew Becky would absolutely love the surprise that awaited her at the reception.

Mind you, I was somewhat impatient at the time. The wedding ceremony, which I didn't sit in on because I would have felt uncomfortable, (being Jewish and all), seemed to take FOREVER! I waited in a courtyard the church had, excited and nervous at what was coming. To be honest, I'm not sure why I was nervous. Becky had been "threatening" for some time that she'd say yes when I asked her to marry me. My best guess is that I was nervous because I'd be doing it in front of about 100 people.

When I met the videographer and his wife, I was all the more stunned by how many people knew what was coming. Out of the 100 people gathered for the wedding, only ONE had no clue; the most important one to not be let in on it, which was good.

The memory of asking Becky to marry me is lost in a flood of adrenaline. In retrospect, I think my fumbling and stammering came about from said adrenaline; I was loaded with far more energy than my body could handle while trying to stand still. I believe there's a perfectionist in all of us, and I wanted it to be THE perfect moment for us...and there I was, bumbling along, screwing it up.

Despite my thinking me ruining it, it turned out wonderfully. Becky, looking on in utter disbelief as I pulled the ring from my pocket and asked in a voice loud enough for all to hear, and seeing the desire in her face to start shaking her head. No...No, he can't be asking me to marry him. He hasn't given Kat the money yet. She hasn't assembled the ring. Heck, she hasn't even ordered the parts to assemble the ring yet! So, no...he's not asking me to marry him, and this is some kind of bizarre joke.

Oh, but I WAS asking! I was even down on one knee, which wasn't easy, with one recently operated on and another still requiring surgery. It was the perfect surprise, and Becky managed a minimal nod to let me know she was agreeing to be with me for the rest of our days. Then I was holding her close, slipping the ring on her finger, while the watching crowd applauded us.

It was a truly magical I shouldn't forget. But I did yesterday, and for that, I'm sorry. Happy anniversary, my beloved! =*)

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