Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How it looks

Well, I had a followup with the podiatrist today, and he said the most amazing thing. "It looks good." Really?!? It DOES?!? That's...that's...THAT'S AMAZING! Who would have thought that the answer to the problem was to remove it altogether? I mean, I had hopes, but I remained somewhat nervous that it wouldn't work.

Oh, but don't worry about that. There's still plenty of time for my foot to self-destruct.

I've successfully avoided looking directly at the surgical site, but had a fairly decent view of it today. It's a genuinely weird sensation to look down at the place where a part of your body was visible just a week ago, only to see a tiny stump. But "stump" is an "improper" word. Had this been an arm or a leg, the remainder would be called "a residual limb." I suppose that makes what's left on my foot "a residual digit." Whatever it's called, it looks strange.

It also feels strange on occasion, as I reported to the doc. I told him about the phantom sensation in my toe, which seemingly kicked it up a notch on the way home. Instead of simply feeling like he was grinding the toenail, it hurt as it did before the surgery. There's no toe there, but it felt like the old wound was aching.

Bah! I have bigger pains than that.

So, according to the doc, I can actually spend A LITTLE time on my feet. Yes, I may help with the dishes when I feel up to it. I need not change the dressing on the surgical site, but can if I feel the need. And next week, on Wednesday, he'll remove the sutures from the beheaded toe, which is good news.

Also in the category of good news is that my specially made diabetic shoes have finally arrived at the orthopedic lab near the special specialist. So I'm going on Friday to be molded for the brace. From there, it shoudl be three or four more weeks of living in this danged cast. And then...AND THEN...I'll be able to shower without having to practically balance on one leg the whole time! I'll be able to go for walks. I'll be able to...No...No, that last thought is not for the public. Never mind.

So things are slowly getting better over here. I have other medical adventures coming my way, but I think the whole "Foot Panic of 2011" is almost over.

Be well, all, and DFTBA.

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