Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just a brief moment of pride...

I was, for an EXTREMELY short time, employed by a jewelry store in the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa, NY. During that brief period, something funny happened with a pair of customers...but to be honest, I had no venue under which I could or should repeat it.

Last year, Ray's mom made mention of a web site that told stories about some of the dumbest customers on the face of the planet. The name of the site only goes to prove that the customer is "Not Always Right." Many of the stories are quite funny. Others cause me to grieve for the future of humanity, as the customers in some tales are SO stupid that it makes me believe the gene pool needs a stronger dose of chlorine.

Several weeks ago, they launched a sister site, "Not Always Romantic." Reading the stories there jogged my memory about that brief job at the jewelry store, (the name of which I'm trying to avoid, as the manager was a moron). At last, I had my venue and submitted the story to them. This evening, as I dropped in on the site to read the latest bits of funny, the story at the top of the page...WAS MINE! O.O

And so I present to you what they entitled, "The Man Show-ology 101." Enjoy! =)

Oh...as I pointed out on Facebook, this makes me, once again, a published writer, but not an author, as it is my belief that a published author gets PAID for their writings. =/


BlackFox said...

Hah, I know another internet celebrity now. xD That's hilarious.

Nightsgale said...

Totally awesome, and I'll have to share this with Mom, if you haven't already.
That's a real Jew-elry story, alright.