Friday, September 9, 2011

Not toe be

And we're done. I saw the podiatrist today, and he initially wanted to wait another two weeks before making any decisions. But the discussion that followed went something like this:

Me: Honestly, doc, what do you expect to happen in two weeks? We've alternated between waiting one or two weeks, and this wound, with the exception of that ONE night, has done no healing. If anything, it's now bigger than it was when it started.
Doc: I understand if you're tired of this and want to move forward with its removal...
Me: It's more than that, doc. *starts ticking off on fingers* One, it's not really healing. Two, it's not a healthy color. It's not gangrene, but it's also not looking good. Three, the tendons seem to be gone, and the end of my toe now rotates full circle, which it shouldn't do. And four, it hurts deep inside. When you consider that you were able to probe to the bone without me flinching, that means something is wrong somewhere in the center of the toe.
Doc: I agree with all of that, but I wanted to give it that chance to heal.
Me: honest. What kind of odds would you give this toe in terms of recovery.
Doc: I'd say about 2%.
Me: Uh huh...2%. Doc, if you were to tell me I had cancer, and that I had a 2% chance of survival, you can pretty much bet that I'm going home to make my final arrangements. If I were in a coma, and only had a 2% chance of ever coming out of it, my family would gather around and pray for a miracle, while also debating rather weakly to pull the plug. Right now, the only thing keeping the end of my toe in place is skin, as the tendons seem to be completely gone. And what are the odds of those growing back?
Doc: None.
Me: Okay...then let's lose this thing already. Because it hurts, and it's aging me just worrying about it all the time. We keep hoping for a miracle that's not happening. It's time to lose this thing.

Not word-for-word, but pretty close. And the doctor agrees with me. We've been hanging by a thread this whole time, and have been steadily slipping off it. I could, at any moment, smash this toe on a piece of furniture and the end of it would come off. Before that happens, it's time to have it taken off properly.

Due to yesterday's adventures in flooding, one of the area hospitals had to be evacuated. That means the other two have had to take the overflow. In turn, that means that the surgery may not happen swiftly. Thus, I made an appointment to followup in two weeks on the off chance the doc couldn't get me scheduled for surgery. What's more, I'll likely be hospitalized for a few days, as my PCP was in agreement to do such a thing.

So the bad news...? The toe must go. The good news...? Once it's gone, I'll have one less worry.

I'll keep you folks posted. Be well, and DFTBA!

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