Friday, September 2, 2011

Toe be continued...

This is really just a status update. And the update is that there's little change in the actual status of my beleaguered toe. It's not healing. It's not really becoming visually worse.

But it does HURT! G-d, how it hurts. After the podiatrist examined and treated the toe, debriding it and all that, he went about the task of dressing the wound...and that process ended up causing me a lot of pain. The problem being that whatever is infected in there doesn't feel great to start with, and the toe now bends in directions it wasn't meant to bend. He believes the connective tissues in the toe have disintegrated from whatever got in there. So the end of my toe moves this way and that, and it all hurts.

Following the visit to the foot doc was a visit to my PCP, where we discussed my lack of surgery and what should happen if the toe does, indeed, have to go. Essentially, he agrees that hospitalizing me wouldn't be a bad idea. In this way, there'll always be someone around to handle whatever crisis I experience after said surgery. That, and the meds are that much better. (IV antibiotics...? Yeah, they're nice. But IV painkillers?!? WOOHOO!)

I'm trying to be a patient patient, but this whole thing is being dragged out much longer than I think is necessary. The podiatrist is still on the edge about trying to treat the toe, as it's not making that much of a recovery since it's miracle healing session that one night. If he operates, it's a definitive end to the problem. Becky, believe it or not, is all for the surgery at this point. It puts an end to just one more thing we've been worrying about.

* * *
Meanwhile, I've been lurking on Facebook, and have been enjoying myself capitally. It seems that I randomly have some criticism or humorous post to make after my friends have said...something.

For example, Wyatt posted an interesting link to genetic research. They've completely decoded the gene sequence of the green anole lizard. In my mind, the only response to this could be exactly what I posted:

No, Mr. Hammond, you may not take the original copy of our research. We need it to...

A *WHAT* kind of park? Are you insane? It's absurd. It's irresponsible. It's -

Hey! Come back here! Someone call security and tell them an old guy named John Hammond just ran off with all of our genetics data on the lizards. Tell them that he moves rather fast for a guy so old. And also tell them that the cane with the piece of amber at the top is not a walking aid, but more likely a weapon!

Days before that, he posted this golden nugget of news. That brought about my lengthier reply of:

Another study went on to say that the United States has, in fact, been wasting trillions in other countries, if for no other reason than to demonstrate "how big the U.S.'s junk is."

An example of such spending over the decades is the continued military presence in Japan. Their initial goal was to ensure that the Japanese remained a docile nation. That goal was never achieved, as the Japanese grew technologically and now make almost everything owned in the States, effectively taking aggressive ownership of American society. (Or did you think your Sony Playstation was built in South Carolina?)

Trillions more were wasted in Germany, where nothing but democracy accidentally broke out, despite our best efforts and presence. The Berlin Wall, for example, came down without so much as the U.S. military sneezing in its general direction. At best, the wall coming down was witnessed by American video cameras...bought from Japan.

In the Falkland Islands, troops were sent to liberate students and sheep from an Argentine invasion, only to realize later the Argentinians could have been defeated by an expert team of bullies from American high schools using spit balls to make them cry. The only visible result of our military action there was a somewhat amusing movie starring Clint Eastwood, who, as rumor has it, doesn't resemble the original Clint Eastwood, who, in turn, looks an awful lot like Marty McFly.

Despite all of the money spent in these seemingly ridiculous ventures, our military men and women are still paid in virtual peanuts, and their aftercare from wars is as close to a war crime without being prosecutable. Veteran affairs is a joke, unless one manages to be particularly brave or good looking, at which point Japanese-made cameras will be trained on their faces using high grade lenses and laser sighting, just to be sure said cameras are truly aimed at the soldier's "good side."

When asked about all of this absurd spending of the past and present, as well as our ongoing investments in foreign nations in the future, President Obama quickly turned the fifth estate's attention back to the recent earthquake. "My scientific advisers have told me that the 5.8 quake was a result of a little-known geological abnormality known as 'Bush's Fault.'" This seemed to satisfy reporters, as it appeared at least some of the taxpayers' money was going into something that had occurred on American soil. replies are fairly random, but I've been having fun when I make quite a few of them.

And now, dear friends, this wounded old man needs to get back to resting. I'll either try to continue to take over China in Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11, (just as China is somehow taking us over by buying up much of our debt), or settle in to watch Saving Private Ryan.

Be well, and DFTBA!

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Take out Cao Cao before he gets big. If you don't stop him early on, he will beat you late game.