Friday, October 7, 2011

"The problem...

...with quotes on the internet is that a large percentage of them are wrong." -Abraham Lincoln

If you didn't catch that, you have to stop reading my blog and immediately return to elementary school...and NEVER come back! =P

Honestly, I've been trying to figure out why technology makes people so incredibly stupid. You would think that we'd advance intellectually as technology made its leaps forward. Instead, it seems to become the next greatest reason to become lazy and stupid.

My "favorite" example of late involves our favorite religious group, the Westboro "Church." I hate dragging Godwin's Law into this, but they're about as close to Nazis as one can get without committing acts of violence. And what absolutely kills me is their latest antic, which is their scheduled protest of Steve Jobs's funeral...which they announced via iPhone. To quote their Twitter announcement, "Westboro will Picket his funeral. He had a huge platform; gave G-d no glory & taught sin." When it was pointed out they were essentially losing this one because they were using the very technology Jobs had created, Marge Phelps replied with, "Rebels mad cuz I used iPhone to tell you Steve Jobs is in Hell. G-d created the iPhone for that purpose!" She even included a smiley emoticon.

If religion produces this level of ignorance and stupidity, I'm becoming an atheist.

The original article about this that I'd read was even more disturbing, in that it had a picture. There was one of the Westboro lunatics holding some of their favorite messages. "You're going to hell." "Thank G-d for 9/11." Beside the woman holding these slogans was a guy with his own poster board, "G-d hates signs." But the most distressing thing about the picture was the smiling boy, around the age of seven, holding a sign that read, "G-d hates fags."

This isn't freedom of speech; it's freedom of stupidity.

Speaking of freedom of speech, what about my freedom of hearing? I don't want such messages thrown at me. I don't want to hear them. I don't want to read them. These people are lunatics and should be bustled off to a cave and left there until dead. I mean, provided there IS a G-d, I'm pretty sure what He truly hates is intolerance. My right to be left in peace from these morons is being violated... the media. These idiots only have the attention that they enjoy because the news media jumps up and down excitedly every time they open their collective mouths. And technology has ensured that I'm going to hear about, read about it, SOMETHING about it as soon as the feed can deliver it to me. And I don't want it. The only way to avoid this kind of idiocy is to never bring up the internet again. So I have to stop doing something I WANT to do in order to avoid something I don't want at all.

"Oh, Rob...Stop your complaining and go outside or something." Trust me, I would if I could walk. I'm still healing from surgery, and still have that pesky cast on my other foot. But trust me...I'll be getting away from technology a bit as soon as I'm physically capable of it.

Still, it won't be an escape. I'm going to want to connect to my friends via the virtual world, and am going to connect to the internet at some point...and that's when my right to have a little peace from morons is going to be violated. Just a headline that reads "Westboro Church at it again" would be a disruption for me, as I'd know there'd been no air strike against one of their protests. And, really...that's what these "people" need. I get the sense that the first people to wipe out this "church" using flame throwers will be hailed as heroes.

And THAT would be using technology for the betterment of humanity. the media: stop following the Westboro lunatics! Let them go the way of the dodo. You're the reason they have any voice at all. If you would shut up, I'd have one less reason for a Xanax prescription!

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