Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoe Day: First Post

Y'know, I kinda failed to mention the fact that I have engaged in a form of exercise already. It started back in KS. When I found myself missing it, I bought a replacement here in PA. It's the Ghostbusters video game!

I found it somewhat odd that the neurologist I saw actually recommended video games to help with my weakening hands. The muscles are wasting away, as previously mentioned, and he said that some video games would actually help keep my dying muscles active. I looked over what we had in the apartment, and they all seemed to be the same. Primarily, you occasionally use your left hand to select various gear, and then it's all the right hand, pulling the trigger to fire and and alter the camera angle, while maybe, on occasion, using the left hand to alter direction. So the "workout" I was getting involved my thumb, forefinger, and middle finger on the right, and mostly my thumb on the left.

Ghostbusters is a little different. Weapon selection needs to happen more often and faster, as you can be attacked by differing baddies with differing weaknesses simultaneously. Also, with many TPS games, the secondary fire isn't needed often, but Ghostbusters practically requires it. This means I have to pull that left trigger almost as often as I'm pulling the right. So it turns into quite the little workout.

Now for the bonus. My hands tend to get tired after lengthy runs of activity. Typing for long...playing a game for extended periods...holding a book upright for me to read it. These things lend to making my hands FEEL weak. But because I'm so wrapped up in the fun I'm having with Ghostbusters, I tend to "forget" that my hands are tired, and just keep on playing.

Of course, I'm not going to see a whole lot of change in my hands. Nerve damage doesn't lend itself to building muscle. Still, I'm making the effort...playing video games, as prescribed by my doctor. =P

Be well, and DFTBA!

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