Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Answers to comments

First, to Blue, who says I forgot to mention the priest in PotC 4.

Sorry to tell you this, Blue, but I didn't forget him. I was simply trying to forget him. That's because he was there for only one reason: to have a good guy.

As mentioned in my last post, the Spanish were completely underdeveloped. They COULD have been the good guys, but to give their characters any exposition would have extended the film to even more running time, and might have even proved boring because all they were doing was traveling from point A to point B in an orderly fashion. They had no "misadventures" to report.

This essentially left us with a bunch of bad guys. Barbossa, a villain in all previous films, wasn't really sold as being a good guy. Jack, being a self-serving and self-proclaimed pirate, could never truly be the white knight that a good guy should be. Blackbeard was, supposedly, our main villain this time around. And finally, Angelica was made to be somewhat deceitful and self-serving, in that she wanted her father to have his life extended so she could have her daddy back. (And what a marvelous example of fatherhood he turned out to be, eh?)

Thus, the film needed a good guy. Once they had him, said good guy could also be woven into the story to be the mechanism that brought about the much-needed mermaid's tear. They could easily have had other characters perform the tasks of the priest, and still gotten the tear when she was heartlessly shown the fate of other mermaids. And had the villain been truly villainous, he might even have tortured her until she cried in agony.

I also didn't say much about the mermaid, herself. This was because of a disappointment in what Hollywood deems a necessity in many films. There must be a love interest with whom the audience can identify. Unfortunately, while I was sitting here and watching the movie, I paused it and told Becky what was going to happen, just when the priest and mermaid were starting to give one another "that look." I said something to the effect of, "He's not just going to see her as one of G-d's creatures, but one of G-d's truly miraculous creations. She's rare and beautiful, and that will be the mechanism for him falling in love with her."

Really, it's a shame I can't just sit and watch a movie like a "normal" person. =(

Now to Zeb, and his worrying over my taking antibiotics without a doctor saying I should do so.

In this case, Zeb, experience dictates my actions. My teeth are in TERRIBLE shape. It comes from being a diabetic, taking the painkillers that I do, and a genetic history of gum disease in the family. That I unconsciously also grind my teeth, effectively wearing down the enamel, probably doesn't do me any good, either.

The bottle of penicillin that I was given was handed to me for just such an emergency. I can't get in to see a doctor right away, and I know more than enough trouble is brewing that I should be started on something immediately to prevent a nightmare. The key to having this bottle of oh so many tablets is that when I start taking them, I ALSO call for medical attention as soon as possible. If I had the power to diagnose myself, I would probably have at least a dozen antibiotics on hand. I don't I have the basic stuff for the express purpose of starting the battle against infection. Once I've seen a doctor, I usually end up walking out with a prescription with an antibiotic that will be able to target the infection with greater accuracy.

This is why I have so many pills remaining in the bottle that was given to me last February. (It'll be time to throw them out in a few months.) I only take them for a short time until I can be given the more accurate meds.

Guesswork? Dangerous? Maybe. But as I said, I have experience with this nonsense. And the prescribing doctor of these antibiotics came to realize that I know my body a bit better than most. And wouldn't you know it, I was right. While I'm not completely better, there's been a reduction in the pain.

The most important part of my argument - that which defends my actions - is that I'm still going to see a dentist. I made the appointment for as soon as possible, and will follow through with that appointment to receive better care. If I were stupid about this, I'd cancel the appointment and just keep taking what I have. I know better. This is only a precaution. I know I need a doctor's care, and will be going tomorrow. I promise.

Not sure if this has dissuaded you from your worries. Your arguments were all perfectly valid, but experience has taught me to do things a certain way. Thankfully, I don't have to do this often.

Be well, and DFTBA.

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