Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crime against humanity

In a very short time, this whole Sandusky thing has me wanting to hunt the bastard down and hang him by his parts until gravity rips them off. I've been trying to ignore it in the hopes that it would just go away, but then Jon Stewart did a little more coverage of the whole sorry story and I found myself wanting Sandusky to be slowly fed into a meat grinder.

Sports commentator Bob Costas was interviewing Sandusky's lawyer, when the scumbag called in himself. Bob went on to ask some hard questions, and not only could you tell Sandusky was lying, but the lies were bizarre unto themselves. I mean, Costas asked in Sandusky was sexually attracted to young boys, and the P.O.S. slowly repeated the question back. He didn't go for the ploy of instant shock. He didn't fall back on any sort of outrage. Instead, it sounded as though he was repeating the question while his mind slowly came up with what he believed would be the perfect lie.

And his "perfect lie" had me wondering what the hell he smoked before making that call. He stated that when he was caught forcefully sexually abusing a boy of 10 or 11 years of age that they were just engaged in horseplay in the showers. "Horseplay is when you wrestle your friend out of a pillow fort," Jon Stewart said last night. "Horseplay is pushing your nephew into the pool." And even if that ridiculous excuse could be bought, what on Earth was he doing in the showers, naked, with a child at all? And then to have Sandusky state that he enjoys the company of boys?!?

My mind keeps flashing back to Michael Jackson, whom I've come to believe was mentally ill on multiple levels. I don't think Michael could properly differentiate between what was proper and what was improper with kids.

Sandusky, however, comes across to me like a predator. And not a very good one, either. Confessing that he likes the company of young boys and was engaged in "horseplay" with a naked boy are some of the most pathetic lies ever spoken.

I had a visit with my podiatrist today. He and I engaged in some extremely off-color humor. My doctor said he was now accepting applications for an assistant coaching position, to which I replied, "I assume that would be the boys team?" Yeah, Becky quickly made a noise to indicate I was crossing the line of decency, and I swiftly made something of an apology. The reality is that absolutely none of it is humorous.

But what's worse is the concept that Sandusky might very well get away with his crimes.

First of all, how can he have a fair trial? Who hasn't heard of this whole thing. There are entirely too many mediums with which one can be exposed to the story. If I were picked for the jury, the moment I walked into court, I'd be harboring such hatred for the defendant that no penalty under our current legal codes would be enough to punish him.

Next, I have big issues with the judge involved thus far. She was a volunteer with Sandusky's charity, which, as I understand it, was where he was able to hunt for prey. That she didn't recuse herself immediately is worrisome at the least, and criminal at the most. She's the reason why he was set free on $100,000 bail, not bonded, and wasn't required to wear a tracking anklet. If she's hearing the rest of this...? G-d help those children, and all future victims of this creep.

Finally, there is something my podiatrist pointed out, and that's the possibility of some people seeing a gravy train being presented. False accusers are likely to come forward, hoping to see some kind of payout along the way. Once the liars are caught, it then leaves the defense clear to accuse EVERYONE of lying. Once that happens, and the lies are proven in court, the prosecution's case will unravel at terrifying speeds.

There are other disturbing things along the way...Like the assistant who found Sandusky abusing the boy in the shower. Only AFTER his grand jury testimony is this guy claiming he put a stop to the abuse; something he didn't include when before the grand jury. No, according to his testimony, he saw what he saw, left, and called...his father?

And Joe Paterno...After learning of what Sandusky was doing, he called...his boss. And that, he felt, was the end of his responsibilities in the matter.

It almost seems as though Sandusky had surrounded himself with a crowd as inhuman as he is.

I really don't want to hear about this any more. I see it as a crime against humanity, especially because kids were irreparably harmed, and it's entirely too disturbing. But there's no escaping it. I just pray that there's a swift end to it, with Sandusky learning how well child molesters are treated in jail.

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