Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 11/11/11!

Third time's a charm, right? That is, this is my third attempt at a post today. The first was a draft made yesterday that I was going to publish today; it was a spectacular "whine-n-cheese" session about how I screwed up my psych meds. Then, earlier today, I tried to compare the honor of Veteran's Day to the thoroughly dishonorable behavior of certain college staff members currently facing charges of sexually abusing MULTIPLE children. Those posts totally sucked.

Instead, I'm going to talk about something of much lesser importance. My desire to rewrite a book that I've mentioned before. Actually, it's two books, Little Fuzzy and The Other Human Race, which was later given the title of Fuzzy Sapiens. When combined, they became the book, The Fuzzy Papers.

Why would I do this? For fun. And that's the ONLY reason. John Scalzi wrote a reboot of the original novel, which I've already griped about. You see, I recently sat down and read the former books, and then sat and read the reboot in the hopes of finding some redeeming qualities. I didn't. There was only one good line in the whole thing. "Get off my planet you son of a bitch." That was it.

So I certainly won't be rewriting the original books in any attempt to make money from them. I just want to rewrite them for the fun of it. Perhaps make a few alterations to the characters, turning the main one, Jack Holloway, into a younger man, and adding a bit more depth to him. Update the technology and maybe insert a little more science into the science fiction. And this would be my little project, just to kill time when I have nothing else brewing in my life.

Which is to say, it might well never be completed once I start it. There's always something else that needs doing in my life, including original writing ideas. Some of the latter, however, become immobile by writers' block. So reworking a novel that already exists would be a way of keeping the brain functioning, instead of allowing it to be stuck in neutral.

As to the veterans who are meant to be remembered this day...? Well, I already offered Zeb a virtual handshake yesterday. And my father...? Well, he's a veteran, but I don't think he's taking my calls anymore. And while that makes me incredibly sad, it was him and Stu who chose this path, not me.

Be well, and DFTBA.

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