Saturday, November 26, 2011

Talking politics with Zeb

Dear Mr. Troll;

No, no...I'm not calling him a troll. His name, (although I know his real name, but choose not to tell the world), is Zeb the Troll, and he's a moderator on GitP. Despite that last fact...=P...I deem him a good friend. =)

Anyway, I'm in agreement with you on our political climate. The President hasn't received much cooperation from anyone in his term, which is why I call him "the Great Compromiser." He tries to be friends with everyone on both sides of the aisle, and that just doesn't work. "You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time." His attempt at trying to accomplish the latter has produced more drama than there was on The West Wing. If he cooperates with the D's, he ticks off the R's. If he tries to throw the R's a bone, as you said, the D's get their feathers ruffled.

The problem, as I see it, is a complete lack of understanding, or only the most basic form of understanding at a bare minimum. The transparency that Obama advertised at the start of his term has become somewhat tainted. "We'll let you see everything going on behind the curtain...from our perspective." I suppose this is what makes Fox "News" so popular. They are an ongoing editorial about how they see things, and not how things actually ARE. The D's are as guilty of it, but they're far more subtle.

So we have our politicians, and many of them want to be reelected to office. That's their main goal overall. To do this, they must please their constituency. Their constituency doesn't truly understand the issues at hand because no one is taking the time to explain it in any other language that "legalese." There are also various complexities to numerous issues, including the dizzying aspects of economics, that most people don't truly understand. (It's why there was that one protester with the sign, "Keep your government hands of my Medicare!" This is the intellect of what I believe is the majority of the nation...unfortunately.) The lack of understanding leads to simplistic demands, which tend to be bad for the nation.

Thus, we have politicians trying to appease their constituency by fulfilling the latter's demand with simple legislation that doesn't fit the complex government system we have. The former does this so their constituents continue to like them and vote for them. And the whole thing is gumming up the works in ways never before seen in history.

Obama trying to make everyone happy isn't helping, either. He's shown a kind of weakness in trying to make nice with everyone on both sides of the aisle instead of being more Bush-like.

Bush...I hated that schmuck. Illegally in office. Dumb as a stick. Embarrassing to listen to. He was a complete ass. But what I'll grant him is that when he wanted something, he got it. He was as stubborn as every other Texan who ever made it into the history books. He wanted tax cuts for the rich? He got them. He wanted war? He got it.

*sigh* If only he'd wanted a dictionary at some point.

Obama is a great public speaker, and I think that's the only reason he got elected. After that, his leadership skills - something rather important in a President - are sorely lacking. The good news, as I see it, is that it's not too late for him. At the rate things are going, there won't be a strong R candidate to challenge him in the next election. Perhaps an independent will come along who becomes a threat, but the R's are too disorganized. So I think Obama will see a second term, and then it's entirely possible that he will throw caution to the wind and take greater chances. Chances that he knows will be good for our nation. And with the Senate and House currently having such low approval ratings thanks to their R majority, we might well see more D's taking seats. Then Obama just MIGHT see things going his way for a change.

Now here's the thing I feel I must point out. I don't see myself as a Democrat or Republican. I'm on the fence with a lot of things, and so I await the candidate who makes the most sense. The R's have been babbling nonsense, so I've crossed them off my list. And unless Obama starts showing more backbone, I'm crossing him off my list as well. I'm awaiting a leader who will actually LEAD.

So...while this seems mostly addressed to only one reader, all reader's are welcome to throw feedback at me. Meanwhile, be well, and DFTBA!

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Zeb The Troll said...

This last term has been a showcase for something I've long felt this country needs, but doesn't know how to do; a third party. No, scratch that. A viable third party. No current party will suffice. I thought the Green Party might be able to pull it off, but in the end they're jut too niche for widespread acceptance.

Let's look at this objectively. We have a Right wing party that only moves towards the center for elections and a Left wing party that does the same. Wait a minute! Both parties have to move to the MIDDLE to even have a shot at getting elected? That's right. You know why there are so many Independent swing voters right now, all of you capital D's and capital R's? Because at least half of us don't like where you guys fall on the line the other three years.

I wager that, if you were to gather 100 people who self identify as "polically interested", people who follow politics at least enough to have an idea of what's going on, and ask them how they feel about certain general and specific topics, that you'd get a solid 1/3 that don't line up well with either party. You'd get people who want severe budget cuts and smaller government AND the right to choose who's in charge of a woman's body. You'd get people who believe it was a good idea to take out Saddam Hussein AND like the idea of universal health care.

The way that it stands now, we have to pick and choose which things are important enough to vote for, knowing that we're giving up another option in the bargain.

Heck, maybe three parties isn't enough? A good portion of the rest of the world has several parties that have to form coalitions in order to get one person elected. That method means that many, many more people have their particular needs addressed.

Imagine, we could have a Right wing party that's socially and fiscally conservative, a Left wing party that's liberal on both counts, a more centrist party that's socially conservative but fiscally liberal, and another that's the other way 'round, and yet another that's all about making sure all our little princesses have ponies for Yulesticemas, or whatever.

And this is why I'll never make it in politics. Those thoughts up there are heresy in the eyes the monolithic corporations known as the DNC and the RNC.

Food for thought - George Washington was our only independently elected president, and he advised strongly against having political parties at all, ever. (Summarized nicely here:

You know what's another interesting discussion? The Constitution: RAI or RAW? 8-D