Friday, December 2, 2011

A brief clarification

My last post...It's receiving quite a bit of criticism, which I don't mind, as the aforementioned critiques are intelligently argued. The thing is, I slipped in a kind of disclaimer toward the end that is being glossed over. It's the third to last paragraph, in which I state that I was skipping a lot of history. So allow me to clarify that...

I skipped A LOT of history! Lots of it. There's no way I could have covered everything I would have liked to, and there are instances where Washington's ideas would have been oh so very wrong.

The one that comes to mind most strongly is America's involvement in the European side of WW II. I'm surprised we stood on the sidelines as long as we did before we got into the game. To remain an isolationist nation in the face of such an evil as Nazi Germany would have been wrong in so many ways that I can't begin to count. And, really, Adolf Hitler presented a threat to the U.S., as he would have tried to conquer the world had we not stepped in. Could he have done it? We'll never know, thank G-d. But had we taken Washington at his word, putting every suggestion into absolute practice, our world might be very different in countless, negative ways.

We've become "the World Police," which is very much so against the thoughts of our first President. We also spend far more than we have, which has led us into this nightmarish debt the nation now holds. So much time has been spent in the Middle East that I'm surprised we don't simply OWN the nations there. And our political parties are no longer drawing party lines, but digging battle trenches.

My point of my last post was born from a fear that our country is entirely too broken. Governor Bush was a failure at every business his daddy bought for him. It only stands to reason that he would run this country into the ground and leave the mess for someone else to clean up, which is what happened. When/if I have them, my children will be the ones paying off the absurd amount of debt that Bush started and Obama added to. And the political arguments, with everyone pointing fingers and trying to lay the blame on everyone else...It just makes me that much crazier, as no one seems honorable enough to stand up and take responsibility for it.

I skipped A LOT of history. Lots, and lots, and lots. So try not to beat me up too much...Okay?

Be well, and DFTBA!

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