Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eight hours straight...please?

Just one night - JUST ONE - I'd like to be able to sleep the night through without interruption. Instead, I have nights like last night.

It began around 10:00 PM, when I was lying in bed, reading, while Becky was playing some Zelda game on our newly acquired Wii. She and her mother bought it together some time ago, and her mother decided she no longer wanted it and gave it to Becky. So Becky is on the bed, playing, and I'm on the bed, reading...and I'm slowly losing consciousness. I might have drifted off to sleep right then, but when Becky had to fight off some baddie on the game, she would shake the whole bed.

Even with all of this movement, however, I started falling asleep...and then I had one of those things. You know...that sensation that you're tripping, stumbling, falling...and your whole body jerks to catch your balance, which you can't possibly lose while lying flat. (It's actually called a myoclonic jerk. Oh, the things I learn on House.)

So I find myself awake, and Becky finds herself having a hard time getting to sleep. We both get on our respective computers to try and engage in activities that will tire us out. Becky also popped a Benadryl; G-d bless her and her lack of need for narcotics to get to sleep. Unless I receive Benadryl via an IV, it doesn't make me tired at all. Instead, I pop 5 mg. of Valium.

Come midnight, we decide to give sleeping a shot...except that I'm not quite as tired as Becky is at this point. We cuddle for a bit. I relate a story from a Twilight Zone episode I saw many, many moons ago, and Becky eventually starts wanting to drift off...while snuggled against my shoulder. Well, that's not going to work, as when she falls asleep in such a position, she usually ends up snoring directly in my ear. After a bit of a lovers' conflict over the situation, she rolls over...

...leaving me still to awake to sleep. So I open my 3.0 D&D Player's Guide and try a bit of reading to knock me out. It usually does the trick, and was working while she was playing on the Wii...but now it's not having much of an effect. I finally decide that reading might be keeping me awake, close the book, turn out the lights, and lie in the dark, trying to think of nothing so sleep will come...

...and that's when the cats decide that NOW would be a good time to have a fight. They take turns antagonizing one another, but Raine always fights in silence. It's Nike who we hear during all such scraps. Thus, I find myself sitting up in bed and heatedly whispering threats to a pair of beasts who don't understand a word I'm saying. What they DO understand is my tone, and they run for cover, knowing the water bottle that we use to spray them can't be far behind.

Sleep eventually comes to me, only to be interrupted two hours in by the call of nature. When I WANT to be asleep for an extended period, my bladder starts complaining at a regular two-hour interval after finally getting to sleep. But when I want to use my bladder functions as a kind of alarm clock, it fails me. Like the other day...I felt the slight need to use the rest room as I laid down for a nap, and though, Good. In about two hours or so, my need will be that much greater, and it'll wake me up, thereby keeping me from sleeping the day away. Nope. My body allowed me to stay asleep for six hours, to which I awoke with Mother Nature screaming at me to get to the bathroom.

Okay...So I relieve myself, head back to bed, and notice in the darkness that Becky has thrown off the covers. She's too warm. This is actually unusual; normally, she's too chilly, as my own internal thermostat is broken. (It's a diabetes thing.) So it is that I ended up turning on the air conditioning in the midst of winter. Our place tends to get incredibly warm, and I run the fan on the AC unit almost continuously, but last night I actually turned on the AC itself. Then it was back to bed...

...and I fell asleep on my back. This isn't always a terrible thing, except that on occasion I will start snoring, and said snoring wakes me up. Yes, my own snoring will wake me up. How scary is that? And that's what happened about an hour after I'd drifted off.

The next time I awoke, it was because I was too cold, and seemed unable to get myself covered up properly. Now I'm out of bed again, trying to adjust the AC so it's "fan only," and get back to the Land of Nod. I toss and turn, trying to get comfortable on the sliver of bed that Becky's left me in her own sleep. This results in me bumping into my night stand, usually knocking something off in the process. As if that noise wasn't enough, it was the collision of my elbow against the corner of the night stand that caused Becky to wake and ask, "What was that?" I explained that I'd smashed my elbow, which seemed to satisfy her, and she rolled over to sleep again...

...which FINALLY gave me a little more room and allowed me to do the same. I might have actually gotten some decent sleep after that, except Mother Nature woke me again at 6:30 AM. I answered the call, went back to bed, and this time slept until alarms started going off around 10:00 AM.

And now it's after noon, and Becky is still asleep. I'm gonna have to wake her up, which I don't look forward to. I like to let her rest, as I believe she does so much more than me in our home. But I can't let her sleep the day away.

I just want a night of uninterrupted sleep. Alas, I'm probably asking too much.

Be well, and DFTBA.

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