Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I was taking WHAT?!?

So...I had moved to AZ to chase a woman, Robin, and we promptly broke up. But at least I had a job...until the accident. What accident? The one where I was pulling into my apartment complex and was rear-ended. Various x-rays and tests didn't show what was going on back then, but there was an incredible amount of pain coming from my shoulder. Like, along my back...that part of the shoulder. In an effort to treat me, my doctor prescribed all kinds of meds, most of which I don't remember the names of.

But there was one pill...It was prescribed to help me sleep. I couldn't remember the name of it, but have always wanted it again because it truly did the trick. If I was having difficulty sleeping, one of those tablets knocked me on my butt for an entire night.

Like the one time I traveled with new-found friends to a seminar. Some of us were a little too juiced to get to sleep right away, and it was strange to be crammed into a motel room, with 10 people spread out on the floor. So the few of us still awake went down to the lobby. I had a portable Chess set, and we intended to play a few games. Before leaving the room, I popped one of those tablets, assuming that it would kick in after about an hour.

We set up the board. My opponent and I made a few opening moves. Then I was waking up the next morning, a little stiff from having slept on the floor. According to those that were with me, I was still conscious, but somewhat unresponsive. It was almost as though I'd gotten stuck while daydreaming. They packed up the Chess set, escorted me back to the room, laid me in my spot on the floor, and that was it. It was lights out for Rob.

Since then, as I've had some serious sleep issues, I've wished for those mysterious tablets again and again. Alas, when discussing my insomnia with any of the doctors I've seen over the last five years, the only thing I could tell them about the pill was that it was green.

With a PCP visit rapidly approaching, I finally had the presence of mind to look it up before the appointment. The drug I discovered was called "chloral hydrate," and it looked just as I remembered it. I made a note of it in my cell phone without really reading up on it at all, intent on asking my doctor about it. When I finally got to ask, as the appointment was today, my doctor's initial response was, "I'm not familiar with that drug." So he pulled out his little pocket computer of drugs and typed it in.

The verdict is that...Yeah, I won't be having that drug again. Not right now, anyway. It's a MAJOR sedative that's often used prior to surgery. While it would be nice to have a medication that would unquestioningly put me to sleep, we don't want a drug that will make my ability to wake up a mystery, especially with all of the other meds I take. In fact, the doctor was pretty sure that the drug would knock me out...permanently.

What shocks me is that chloral hydrate was prescribed to me at all. My issue was shoulder pain along the back. While the pain was bad, it wasn't anything the likes of which I deal with today. And to have that doctor write for the drug and casually tell me to use it for sleep, when the reality is that it was one of the more powerful sedatives he could prescribe...Wow. Just...Yeah, wow.

I'm off to argue with my beard. I've been growing one for the last few weeks, and some of the hairs on it are growing in odd directions. I'm hoping that a chat will bring it into line. If not, then I'll have to use clippers as part of my argument. >=)

Be well, and DFTBA!

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