Monday, December 5, 2011

When I was young and stupid...

...Y'know...a few years ago. Someone shouted amidst my blog comments or some such that I should run for President, and I took it to heart. I started another blog and everything, in which I decided to open up about myself and my political ideas.

That blog is now thoroughly and completely dead, as is the concept of running for office. No one is going to run out and vote for a guy who is tempted to call in sick while running the country. Sure, I could probably take care of everything from my bedroom, but the nation wants to see it's leader up and about, physically making a show of running things.

Aside from the fact that my potential annual Presidential physical would come back as, "He could have a diabetic stroke at any minute," there's also the fact that I had a lot of goofy ideas that wouldn't mesh with the idea of keeping America running.

One of those things was to become as close to an isolationist nation as possible. (Keep in mind that this comes from someone who calls himself a "backseat president.") My idea of isolating the country would be to tax imports more heavily than they are. That is to say, if someone wants things made outside the country, they're going to have to pay a lot more for it. The reasoning behind this is (was) to push American manufacturing harder. Give the jobs to OUR citizens. Entice companies to establish factories here, so that we'd see "Made in (usually some Asian country)" less often. Put our people back to work, and start having some pride in that old phrase, "American made." Those companies that moved outside the U.S. might save money on labor in their sweat shops, but they'd lose it all, and then some, when it came to paying to import their products. Again, the incentive was to keep the work here, in the States.

Then there was our military operations. Perhaps it's a military secret known only to those in office. Perhaps it's just known to people who aren't as lazy as me, who bother to Google it. Perhaps it's something known by people with more brain power than I...but I can't help but wonder why - for the love of G-d, why? - do we have military bases scattered across the globe? We "tamed" Japan in WW II. We whipped Germany into shape in the same war. And I could understand why we'd want to leave bases there for a decade or two to keep an eye on things - make sure they played nice with the rest of the world. But bases still there after well over six decades? Are you insane? This is a sore spot in our debt that I simply don't understand. (Don't explain it! My ignorance feels quite blissful, thank you very much.)

And then there are these wars we're involved in. We've become embroiled in too many conflicts, and it almost seems as though someone at some time after WW II said, "Hey...War is big business. We should make sure we're always fighting with someone." Since then, it seems as though we've either been at war or preparing to be at war with one nation or another. And while there are those politicians who think war makes for good business, what with various manufacturing contracts spread out all over the U.S., it's the blood of our young men and women that's being spilled on foreign soil. Bring them home, and stop meddling in every affair that we THINK we can meddle in.

As to the idea that we readily start fighting in nations with heavy oil reserves, I think we'd be able to kick our own butts into gear on alternative fuel sources if we would just learn to let go of foreign oil. I believe it could be a much larger industry right here at home if we bothered to put the resources behind it, and probably for a lot less money that it takes to support an army overseas.

Spurring the economy...keeping our military fingers out of so many pies...these ideas, in my head, would eventually start supporting various entitlement programs, instead of us living under the threat of them being bankrupt in just a few decades.

But the idea of cutting ourselves off from the world? No, I'm afraid George Washington would be out of his mind if he were to suggest such a thing today. I don't think there's anything wrong with the concept of "partial isolation," as my ideas might suggest, but we are also part of the global community, and must remain so.

Of course, I also thought running for President would be a great way to FINALLY get decent medical care, instead of having to juggle visits between one doctor or twelve.

And it troubles me that our nation is in such disarray at the moment. That's what all of these political posts have been about. It only seems to get worse as each day passes. (At least Herman Cain seems to have dropped out. That's one silly choice out of the way. NEXT!)

(Oh...if you're wondering why I used the "stupidity" tag, it's because I don't believe myself to be the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to politics.)

Be well, and DFTBA.

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