Saturday, December 24, 2011

X-mas & Befuddlement

Today was spent in Becky's home town with her family. This included numerous nieces and nephews I don't have quite yet, but Becky spent the day referring to me, when addressing them, as "Uncle Rob." Not that I plan on making a hasty exit in the near future, but I'm not quite their uncle just yet. Perhaps I should have shouted from the next room, "Stop smothering me!"

No...Shouting wouldn't have been a very good choice. We had plenty of children to do that, pumped up on sugary treats of the day and adrenaline from receiving gifts.


Yes, even I got "toys." After giving Becky a list of things I would like, she decided to get me the three main core books for D&D 3.5. I can see a difference just glancing through them, so I look forward to entirely too many hours reading rules for a game I probably won't be playing in the near future. Distant future...? Who knows?

Before we sat down to eat a monstrous meal, I made a decision. Actually, the decision was made weeks ago. I had it in my phone calendar and everything. The decision: to call my father and wish him a happy anniversary. My thought was that if I called around noon, I'd miss a potentially messy phone call, as they'd be down in the dining hall, but I'd still get to leave my message.

To my utter astonishment, my step-mother answered, and...she was hear from me?!? o.O

Okay, what's going on? I was shouted at on 16 August and told to "have a nice life," at which point she hung up on me. Today, both my step-mother and my father acted as though it had been MY decision to stop talking to one another. I wish I could blame senility, but they've both held on to most of their mental capacities. My father being forgetful later in life is no different than when he was younger. (On more than one occasion, with his reading glasses perched atop his head, my father would ask, "Have you seen my reading glasses?")

I made small talk. It was the best I could do on short notice, what with being shocked that my call was welcome at all and everything. Then I ended the call swiftly, as there was "other-family madness" to attend to.

While Becky and I went the route of toys for the kids, other far more responsible parties decided to buy them clothes. This didn't go over so well with Becky's eldest niece, all of five years old, named Riley. The look on her face at a new pair of jeans said, "You bastards dare to come here and kill my puppy, then expect me to cheer happily?!? GET OUT!"

"Uncle Rob" to the rescue! I took the jeans, designed for a girl and so small my arm probably wouldn't have fit through the leg, and said, "Well, if you don't want it, I do." I held the jeans in front of me. "I think I'd look cute in them." The kid knew I was just being silly...but wouldn't you know it? The moment I expressed even my nonsensical desire for the pants, Riley demanded she have them back. She was even upset a couple of hours later, when it was realized they were too small for her, and that they'd have to be returned. "No! Don't take them back!"

Count your blessings, mortals, that I only use my powers for the good of mankind. =P

Once again, Turk and I were at it, with him announcing that my Jewish butt was going to Hell, while I insisted he was like every other Muslim in the world, just sitting at home, building bombs in his basement! There was even an exchange that I'm simply not going to put here. Instead, I'd submitting it to >=P

It was a good day, with Becky and I eating more food than we should have. We were also up entirely too early due to the cats fighting pre-dawn again, so come late afternoon, we were ready to pass out. It seemed like such a long drive home, and we looked forward to collapsing once we put away leftovers.

What did we do instead? Went online and forgot to be tired. But we're getting back to that point as fast as possible.

I hope all my friends and extended family out there have a wonderful holiday season. You should all be well, and DFTBA! =)

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