Friday, January 6, 2012

A girl, a book, and a game...

...walk into a bar? Nah. It's just a less-than-creative title for my nonsense today.

First off...Sara has cancer. It's an extremely rare form of cancer. When I spoke to her mom a couple of days ago, she said that Sara's doctor reported, "We only see this one about once every 25 years." That's the bad news. The good news, if there can be any in this situation, is that there's an 80% survival rate.

I find myself obsessing over her situation. I mean, I have plenty to gripe about and think it's thoroughly unfair that life should travel the roads that it does for me, but then this kid, who is already having enough problems with life, comes along and has to run into a rare form of cancer? It's enough to further shake my faith in G-d. Because I *DID* pray. I don't do it often because most of what's come along in my life is my doing. Asking for a miracle to undo my woes seems...I dunno...stupid. I see it as though my diabetes was a gun and I've shot myself in the foot. Well, whose fault was it for playing with a loaded weapon? G-d? No, I did that one on my own.

But I had Sara on my mind throughout the day, and prayed like never before, hoping that the tumor would be benign and that this would "just go away." Stu had a tumor when he was about five or six. It was a big sucker, and the doctor's had to take off some of his femur to remove the whole thing. He ended up with a cast that went from his ankle, all the way up to and around his waist. While terrifying to have a cancer scare, it turned out to be more of an irritation than anything else. And that's what I hoped for in Sara's case. "Let it be 'just a scare.' Don't let it be anything serious."

Well, if there is a G-d, He wasn't listening. And now this poor kid will have to endure things no child should ever have to endure. Not many people realize that chemotherapy is a poisoning of the body in the hopes of killing just the cancer. Somehow, it equates to "just a bunch of chemicals," hence the "chemo" part of its name. Those chemicals are deadly, and they'll soon be coursing through poor Sara's body.

And she DOESN'T understand it. I tried to convey this on Facebook, and received a kind of pep talk from my friend Lynn. "Don't underestimate what Sara understands." I would listen to that bit of advice, except that her mother has already confirmed that Sara doesn't understand what's happening. She only knows that something's wrong; she doesn't understand "tumor" and "cancer." (In fact, I just interrupted this post to call them, and her mom confirmed that Sara comprehends NOTHING about this, except that something isn't right.)

So G-d...? Yeah...Not a big fan of G-d right now.

Speaking of G-d, Becky and I received about $160 during X-mas. We split that money, then found ourselves at a book store...and we ATTACKED! With the exception of Anne Rice's "vampire Chronicles," (and some may say they're classics unto themselves), we bought a whole bunch of classics. One such purchase for me was Milton's Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained. It's the tale of the war in Heaven that landed Lucifer as the ruler of Hell, and how he went about seeking revenge on G-d.

MY temptation is to sit with this epic poem and rewrite it into modern English. Thus, after a quick prayer for G-d to guide me hand to pen the tale, it would open with Lucifer saying, "Dude...This sucks. Not only have we been kicked out of Heaven, but being immortal, we've been IMMORTALLY kicked out of heaven. And all because of a little rebellion. Yeesh. G-d's got no sense of humor. But y'know what? We're gonna get revenge. We're gonna screw with everything G-d tries to make good. So, Beelzebub, gather up the rest of the fallen angels and meet me over by that comfortable...rock. Let's relax and have some coffee, and then we can get to work." Really, that basically takes us up to line 192, and it's not the Olde English that throws me off, making this a slow read. It's the pausing to read every footnote, then go back to reread the line that was footnoted to see WHY there was a footnote at all. Honestly, I feel like there needs to be explanatory footnotes to explain the explanatory footnotes that explained very little.

Line 178: "Let us not slip th'occasion,..." Footnote: slip let slip. Look, only someone with a goodly amount of brain power is going to pick this up and read it recreationally. Anyone else is probably being forced to read it, and there'll be some sort of educator on hand to explain those little bits of English "forced readers" may not understand. When I showed the line and it's footnote to Becky, she asked, "That needed to be explained?" I dunno...Maybe the footnotes are there for our future alien overlords.

So my reasoning for the slow pace of my reading isn't just my usual, leisurely reading style, but the reading, rereading, and then trying to understand why I had to reread anything at all was necessary!

And speaking of necessity, I have to start playing my X-mas gift. HAVE TO! Why? Because it comes from my adopted brother, Ray, and the game looks like a lot of fun...*adopts a whining voice* but it has so many controls!

The game is called "Magicka," and it has to be some of the funniest writing ever crammed into a game. I've given it a bit of a test run, and was amused by two items I've already discovered. The first was "the Staff of the White Mage." According to the weapon's description, it belonged to a mage of another color, but he died and later came back to do stuff. The next item I found was a sword stuck through a stone. The game states that I found Excalibur, but when I lift it...well, not being the "rightwise king born of all England," I was unable to pull it from the my character wields a sword with a huge piece of stone stuck on the end of it. =)

But, here...Have some of the ads for the game. They're pretty amusing unto themselves. This one. This one. And this one. Oh...and let's not forget the PvP trailer. See? Lots of funny stuff, and I need that humor of late.

And that's everything from me at the moment. I'm off to try and rest up a bit, as we're going to try and visit Sara tomorrow. Be well, and DFTBA!

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