Monday, January 2, 2012

A great wrong in the universe

Kids should not get sick. Not SERIOUSLY sick. Coughs, sore throats, rashes every now and again...those are fine. Even the occasional broken bone is okay, as it usually teaches kids things like, "Leaping an entire flight of stairs because you want to see if you can just isn't smart."

But diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis...? No. We should definitely do away with those for good. Instead, we're too busy fighting over politics and money...sometimes both. And while we're wasting our time on these regrettably important things, a child is sick out there. Seriously sick.

I'm venting about this because our old neighbors...Well, the youngest daughter has a tumor located in her interior lady-parts. It's not just any tumor. It's one that has an entirely too well-established blood supply. This means that surgery to remove it carries more than the usual risks, such as infection and painful scarring; it also has a chance to do lots and lots of interior bleeding once it's been cut. The family will be facing this adventure tomorrow.

There's an aspect of this child's life that makes this whole tumor escapade even worse. You see, this girl is mildly autistic. Not "Asperger's mildly autistic, which still leaves the patient mostly functional. This can tell that a part of her mind simply isn't connected to reality. When she speaks, she does so really fast and really softly, so that it comes out as a speedy mumble. She's not so bad that she's completely lacking in function, but she can't be unsupervised for very long.

Kids...they can be a cruel lot. As I understand it, she's a target for peers who choose not to understand and are intolerant of anyone who is so different. This leaves her 15-year-old sister with the task of defending her younger sibling. Note, the older sister is a petite girl who actually looks younger than the 12-year-old, and is about four to six inches shorter than the younger of the two.

The kids' father...? He's a schmuck who has said some seriously damaging things to these girls. The younger doesn't actually know he's more of a villain, but also knows he doesn't care about either of them. Their mother miscarried a boy when she was six months pregnant back in 2010. And last year...? The man who would have been a real father to the girls...He suffered from severe depression and combat PTSD. He couldn't hold on to employment, from what I understand. And his psych issues finally got the better of him. Not only did he put a bullet through his own head, but set fire to their apartment just before he did so. As the crisis unfolded, with the family watching from a neighbor's house, including the news coverage, they learned of his death from irresponsible journalism, as reporters didn't wait for his loved ones to be notified; they just reported it.

There are also issues the girls have had to deal with that I'm not at liberty to discuss, but it was traumatic. Without giving details, I think you can guess what happened.

But it gets better. In an act of kindness, our landlords allowed them to move into the apartment next to ours. (They were there before I moved in.) They could pay the rent once they recovered from the fire disaster, and they did...only to fall behind on rent when the mother was sick and out of work for a few weeks. The mother had State assistance all lined up, but the lines of communication broke down. Eventually, they faced eviction, and hod few alternatives after that. From benevolence to apathy, the landlords evicted the family in a very short time.


Now the baby of the family has a sizable growth that needs to be biopsied to see if it's also cancerous. With the way things have gone for them...*sigh* I don't want to say more; I feel like I'd be placing a curse on them. But it's not right. Kids shouldn't get this sick.

You're in our thoughts, Sara. Get better soon.

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