Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An update on Sara

I didn't want to share ALL of this on Facebook; it seems far more public than this blog, for some reason.

Yesterday, I reported how this poor 12-year-old had a tumor on her interior girl parts. I was partially correct. You see, I was missing a few details. The tumor is attached to those parts, but was - I still have a hard time envisioning this one - HANGING OUT OF HER! Half-way down to her knees, according to her mom, who also added that it looked like a bunch of grapes. (Quote the mom and Becky, "I won't be able to look at grapes the same way again for a while.")

Today, they were able to remove MOST of the tumor, but at one point it pulled back inside, away from the doctors, and they didn't want to attack this thing too aggressively. The poor kid needed two transfusions already, and more aggressive work could have been dangerous.

The hope now is that meds and radiation will be able to kill the remainder of the tumor. Mind you, this is the thinking BEFORE the biopsy results. When those come in, the game plan could change for the more difficult at the drop of a dime.

In my mind, the worst of this whole thing is that Sara doesn't understand what's going on. She knows something is wrong; that there were things out of place on her and that she needed the help of doctors. But telling an autistic child she can't eat because of surgery...that she can't eat what she wants after surgery...that this isn't going to be as simple as having a cold...Yeah, that's not going to connect in her head, and she's about to go through a trial that none of us could possibly understand.

While talking with the mother this evening, Becky and I asked if there was anything they needed. They're trapped about an hour from where we live, so we made sure they didn't need us to pick up anything and bring it up to them, or come get the elder daughter so she could return to school. (The school, said the mom, suggests the elder daughter take the week off, as she'd probably get nothing done with her sister stuck as she is in a kind of medical Limbo.) We'd go and visit, but she's in the PICU, so the amount of visitors and the time permitted to spend with her is limited. Better to stay out from underfoot than make the hour-long trip to be in the way.

I have my doubts about a Supreme Being. I've been slowly going from agnostic Jew to atheist Jew. (Culturally Jewish, but not religiously.) Still, if there is a higher power, they I hope He/She/It can hear my pleas that this girl pull through without too much damage.

Be well, and DFTBA.

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